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Kilt with studs and pockets
Article Number: SK2-089/20

99.90 €

Material: 100% Cotton

Not only the Vikings wear kilts, kilts have cult status at festivals for long time. But the comfortable and practical men's skirt is also characterized by style in everyday life. The kilt made of black, robust denim is durable and has six pockets. Two inconspicuous inside pockets on the front, two large pockets on the side of the kilt and two smaller pockets on the back provide sufficient storage space. All pockets are decorated with black rivets. In addition, the skirt has several metal rings in D-shape to which other accessories can be attached. A separate strip of fabric, fastened with four black snap fasteners with a bat motif, stylishly conceals the closure of the kilt. There is a box pleat at the front and back for more legroom. With this good piece you will also achieve kilt status ! · robust fabric · box pleats · black rivets · black D-rings · 6 pockets · snap fasteners with bat motif