"To stand out when even Gothic becomes mainstream"
No more jokes. For past 10 years we've been doing our very best to satisfy even the most extravagant wishes of our clients. A great service and products' high quality, unique designs and longevity have always been fundamental for us.

That's probably why we're being appreciated and respected not only by our fans (cheers guys!), but also by various media and the alternative music scene.

Apparently they trust us. QOD cooperates at the moment with such great bands as: Deathstars, Solitary Experiments, Lord Of The Lost, Unzucht and music projects with Sonja Kraushofer. We also rock it - and sport it - on various kick ass festivals and events, such as:

  • Wave Gotik Treffen
  • Amphi Festival
  • Mera Luna Festival
  • Castle Party (Poland)
  • The Endless Night Events (USA, Paris, Berlin)

As a consequence, Queen has been already mentioned on many lifestyle and fashion blogs, in the radio and magazines.
And comments such as the one below... just speak for itself. Thank you!

Queen of Darkness in the media
Queen of Darkness in the media

"At QOD it's not only about fashion - guys and girls working there definately go beyond it. They are active in the music scene, go to festivals, support diverse bands with their creative pieces and let their followers to inspire them. In consequence - if you've ever tasted Queen's dark glamour, you'll be forever doomed and over excited to get your hands on the new collection.

QOD created its name thanks to hard work and passion, without spending thousands on adverts - in opposition to other big brands in the industry. Because in Queen's case it's mainly about young, involved people whose effort and commitment come from the depths of their hearts. And clients & fans can sense it: the choice is MASSIVE and their outfits can make you feel like Dark Alice in Wonderland. Add to it a very friendly customer service, high quality and absolutely fair price."

~ Jessica Rose Vane / Rock'n'Roll Circus (8th August 2014)