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Enjoy life through bold expression

What you wear, music you listen to, festivals you go to - however you express yourself - it's about enjoying peace and freedom in your creativity. That shows who you really are. And that’s WHY for past 10 years we’ve been here to assist you. Because every time you choose your alternative clothing - you take a brave step and show your personal creation to a critical world. Just like us - every time we create a new design and bring it to life, our goal is to be brave and bold for YOU.

We believe that our passion speaks for itself and...

in doing so gives us the chance to present our customers something unique: a perfectly curated collection of sexy gothic fashion. We offer you high quality goth wear in standard and plus size, topped with outstanding dark accessories. In times when even the alternative clothing becomes more and more mainstream, we want to give you a wonderful place to create a highly individual style statement and the love of wearing it.

We give you punk, industrial, rock and victorian gothic alchemy at its best: tops, trousers, shoes, coats and jackets, underwear, skirts and dresses, hoodies, kilts, vests, boleros... The list goes on and on. Queen Of Darkness also knows you pay attention to the details. That's why both goth ladies and gentlemen can choose from a wide range of amazing, high quality accessoires. We're talking here: jewelry, belts, (kilt) bags, patches, chains... Yes, we want your heart to beat faster.

Like a Boss... sorry, a Queen!

Queen Of Darkness has started at the festivals and has never forgotten its roots. We still stand strong at the various events all around Europe - which is not only a great way of getting clients' feedback, but also a precious source of inspiration. We combine our clients’ ideas with our own, spice them up with global trends & street fashion - and launch 2 new collections a year. As a final product you get the high quality materials with daring designs for the Gothic, Metal and Rockabilly scene.

But whatever we do, it’s YOUR comfort, satisfaction and joy of being UNIQUE that are our priorities. We take a great deal of pride in our work - and we believe it shows in our products. So you rocking it in our clothes, giving us great reviews PLUS the competition (unsuccessfully) trying to copy our designs - these are the best compliments ever. We also got appreciated in various media and by many amazing artists, like for example the legendary band Rammstein.

Have a great experience

Finally, we believe your online shopping experience should be as good or even better than your offline shopping experience. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure you receive your order as quickly as possible - in major cities that’s usually 1- 3 working days. And in case you still want to see the collection in person, you're always more than welcome in our outlet store in Leipzig. We're here for you.