Wir haben das Internet nach den besten Gothic-Bloggern durchforstet, um sie zusammenzubringen und eine wunderbare Gemeinschaft zu schaffen, die jeder genießen kann! Danke, dass du ein Teil davon bist!

Das Hauptziel des Botschafter-Programms ist es, zu inspirieren! Menschen in alternativen Szenen sind seit jeher ein Ziel für Schikanen und Hass, ihnen wird unterstellt „nicht normal“ zu sein, furchteinflößend oder sogar hässlich. Warum? Schönheit liegt in allem, man muss sie lediglich erkennen. Das ist es, was wir gemeinsam tun - wir zeigen der Welt die Schönheit von Gothic durch Mode, Make-up und Kunst. Wir treffen uns bei Festivals und Veranstaltungen und feiern unseren einzigartigen Stil. Wir drücken uns durch Outfits und aufwendiges Make-up aus. Die Gothic-Blogger aus zahlreichen Nationen, in unterschiedlichem Alter und mit verschiedenen Hintergründen stehen vereint und dienen als unterstützende Basis für alle Baby-Fledermäuse und erwachsene Goths gleichermaßen - damit sie sein können, wer sie sind und keine Angst davor haben, sich zu zeigen, wie schön sie sind.

Daher kannst du an einem Ort, dem Queen of Darkness Blog (Link), ständig Styling-Inspiration finden, Designer entdecken, Künstler, und mit Trends experimentieren!  Die Botschafter zeigen, wie du deinen Look mit Augen- und Lippen-Make-up oder sogar Körperkunst vervollständigen kannst. Entdecke weitere Ratschläge für das Leben mit „bunten“ Freunde und deiner Familie, und dafür, wie man Festivals am besten genießen kann! Besser noch, besuche diese Festivals gemeinsam mit uns und mach eine Tour durch unseren Laden! Finde Ideen, um euer Leben als Paar bei einem besonderen Date zu feiern, oder bei eurer Hochzeit. Ja, manchmal sprechen wir über die unangenehme Dinge, die in dieser unfairen Gesellschaft passieren, aber wir konzentrieren uns auf Lösungen, die es uns ermöglichen, unsere Lebensweise so beizubehalten, wie wir es und wünschen.

The Ambassadors

Adora BatBrat Sweden

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“Hi, fellow beauties of the Dark side of life. I’m Adora BatBrat; Swedish alternative model, crafter, designer with own company and self proclaimed Queen of Goth. But mostly I think I’m known for my YouTube make up tutorials and my Goth style. To be happy is always my goal number 1. Goal number 2 is to make others find theirs. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I’m a happy Goth. And fun things seems to happen to me all the time -like this: being an ambassador for Queen of Darkness! I really hope you will help me through this new task – but most of all I hope to get a hug if we ever meet Love, A”

Allison Eckfeldt aka katzlovesbats USA

“Hello, My name is Allison Eckfeldt. I have an unconventional lifestyle, I am often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, and we all like to be involved in music, art, or literary pursuits. I do my absolute best to live in love and keep myself surrounded by positivity. I pour most of my time, heart and energy into being the lead vocalist of my synth-pop darkwave band named Esoterik… My art style is very dark with lots of cross hatching including dashes of macabre. I’m just a little creepy girl creating my own little creepy world.”

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Psychara from The Netherlands

“Greetings Earthlings! My name is Mara, aka Psychara the alien queen! I’m a 22 y/o alt model & art student. I love to put my creativity into my looks, and I love to blog and vlog around the interwebs about it!”

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Black Friday New Zealand

“In internetland I’m known as Black Friday. I’m a vampire obsessed YouTuber who loves looking dead and scary in the most stylish way possible. I enjoy bleak music, ghosts, collecting weird perfumes, parties, and my cat. I believe in never taking anything too seriously, so I make comedy videos as well as fashion, beauty, and gothic decor videos on my YouTube channel. I love my ever growing legion of Belfry Bats, and want everyone to feel free to express themselves.”

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Sebastian Columbine USA

“I’m Sebastian Columbine. I’m a fashion, beauty, lifestyle and vlog oriented youtuber who loves anything dark and avant garde. I’m also a student, model, horror artist and writer. My channel is going through a reboot, and my website is still kind of sort of under construction, but here are my links if you want to follow me!”

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Susanna Finland

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“Hello, it’s time to welcome you to my dark tone hidden world. I’m twenty-something goth girl from Tampere, Finland who loves clothes, shoes, art, music, and photography. I write a blog named Desperate Hell. Welcome to enjoy my dark empire!”

Sana Brazil

“Hello, my name is Sana, a dark aesthetics lover! I´m fashion graduated and a fashion history researcher, I also study the fashion of subcultures and its impact in fashion trends. I absolutely love classic horror movies, goth literature, cats, skulls, sewing, and express myself through the clothes. I´m Brazilian, what makes me an expert in surviving in the hot weather wearing black clothes! My blog is a love declaration for alternative fashion and the people who make unique fashion and live outside the standard.”

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Serafina France

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“Hi, I’m Serafina. Ever since I was a child, I was drawn to the dark side. My favorites books were about wizards and witchcraft, and my favorite color was black. I eventually grew up, but that love for the darkness never left. During the day, I’m an IT engineer, during the night I run a gothic beauty blog and sometimes in between I draw. Oh, and I’m French too!”

Karoliina Finland

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“Hello, I’m Karoliina, a beauty-junkie, goth, game designer, cat-enthusiast, club organizer and DJ! I also run a lifestyle blog called Bones and Lilies. Hailing from the “goth capital” of Finland, Tampere, I love to go out and dance the night away with friends, or just stay at home and do gothy crafts. I live with my boyfriend and our six cats. My hobbies include make-up (yes, it’s a hobby when you have 287 eyeshadows that you list on an Excel sheet), sewing, pole dancing and playing all sorts of games.””

VamppiV Poland

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“Sylwia VamppiV Blach – horror writer, student of computer science and blogger from Poland. Always be yourself – that’s my fashion motto, so I experiment with gothic styles and actual trends. I published two books. My stories are published in Polish horror anthologies and magazines. My passion is criminology. I’m interested in „sick minds”: how they work, what are the differences between them and „normal minds”. Pracoholic and decadent, but I have both feet on the ground. I believe in my dreams – and I always make them come true.”

Caligo Bastet Israel

"My name is Caligo Bastet, I’m a Makeup Artist, Musician (singer-songwriter), Youtuber and an Alternative Model based in Israel. I pride myself in being a jack of all trades as well as fighting against animal cruelty (both Vegan and Straight-Edge). My art is what I breathe. It might not always be perfect, but it is always a complete realization of my deepest feelings and the only thing that makes me feel alive. With these skills in my grasp I’m here to share some knowledge and opinions – in the hopes of making this world a slightly better place, especially for those who are different."

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Das Botschafter-Team expandiert, und wir sind auf der Suche nach neuen Bloggern, die sich uns anschließen. Wenn du eine Online-Präsenz hast und über Leidenschaft und die notwendige Ausdauer verfügst, schick uns eine E-Mail an