About Us

And that’s WHY Queen of Darkness is here to assist you. Because we love beautiful gothic fashion styles with individual touch. "Dress to impress yourself, feel free & enjoy our dark fashion.

So how did it all start?

In the early nineties, Maya (our head of design) traveled the world in search of freedom and more creative ways of expressing herself. As an unexpected benefit, she also found a nice guy. Together they started a small fashion label, selling their pieces at summer Festivals all over Europe.

All was going well and in 2003 Queen of Darkness was born & positioned itself in the wholesale business - and has been successful since. Queen of Darkness fashion is now available in various online shops & gothic stores all around the world and in our OUTLET & GOTHIC Fashion STORE in Leipzig (Germany).


We follow our hearts and use our heads to make it work

Queen has never forgotten its roots and still stands strong at the various festivals - which is not only a great way of getting clients' feedback, but also a precious source of inspiration. We combine our clients’ ideas with our own, spice them up with global trends & street fashion - and launch two new GOTHIC COLLECTIONS each year.

Queen is known for pieces with an edge and visible Punk attitude. We combine high quality materials with daring designs for the Gothic, Metal and Rockabilly scene. It's an interesting mixture of mesh and sheer fabrics, allied with safety-pins, metallic hooks and rings, straps and vintage skull prints.


The choice is HUGE

Don't get baffled by our brand’s name - Goth men will find something for themselves as well. By "something" we mean: pants, kilts, shirts, coats, jackets - the list goes on and on. Goth ladies? Oh, don't even get us started: dresses, skirts, vests, coats, boleros, underwear… we’re not done here.

Queen of Darkness exactly knows you pay attention to the details. That's why both Goth ladies & gentlemen can choose from a wide range of amazing, high quality accessoires. We're talking here: jewelry, belts, (kilt) bags, patches, chains... Yes, we want your gothic-heart to beat faster.


Like a Boss... Sorry, a Queen!

Why? Because whatever Queen of Darkness does, it’s YOUR comfort, satisfaction and joy of being UNIQUE that are our priorities. We take a great deal of pride in our work - and we believe it shows in our products. So you rocking it in our clothes, giving us great reviews PLUS the competition (unsuccessfully) trying to copy our designs - these are the best compliments ever. Queen of Darkness is not just about the fashion, it's something more... something indescribable... a little bit of black magic maybe.

And that’s the moment when music jumps on the stage. We reach out to the bands and artists not only to cooperate with them (btw. did you know that we’ve already got such big names like for example Rammstein, Lord of the Lost, Unzucht, Persephone & Deathstars on board?). We also organise meet & greets at festivals - in order to invite YOU along.

After all those are the unique, precious moments that should be shared with friends.