About Us

And that’s WHY Queen of Darkness is here to assist you. Because we love beautiful gothic fashion styles with individual touch. "Dress to impress yourself, feel free & enjoy our dark fashion.

So how did it all start?

In 2004 Queen of Darkness was born & positioned itself in the wholesale business - and has been successful since then. Queen of Darkness fashion is now available in various online shops & gothic stores all around the world and in our OUTLET & GOTHIC Fashion STORE in Leipzig (Germany).


We follow our hearts & use our heads to make it work

Queen has never forgotten its roots and still stands strong at the various festivals (Wave Gotik Treffen, Amphi, M'era Luna) in Germany - which is not only a great way of getting clients' feedback, but also a precious source of inspiration. We combine our clients’ ideas with our own, spice them up with global trends & street fashion - and launch new GOTHIC FASHION STYLES each year.

Queen is known for pieces with an edge, beautiful details & visible Punk attitude. We combine high quality materials with daring designs for the Gothic, Metal-, Rockabilly & Festish scene. It's an interesting mixture of mesh & sheer fabrics, allied with safety-pins, metallic hooks + rings, straps, vintage skull prints.


The choice is HUGE

Don't get baffled by our brand’s name - Goth men will find something for themselves as well. By "something" we mean: pants, kilts, shirts, pullover, coats, jackets - the list goes on and on. Goth ladies? Oh, don't even get us started: dresses, skirts, vests, coats, boleros, underwear… we’re not done here.

Queen of Darkness exactly knows you pay attention to the details. Because it's all about the details. That's why both Goth ladies & gentlemen can choose from a wide range of amazing, high quality accessoires. We're talking here: jewelry, belts, (kilt) bags, braceletts, necklaces, patches, keychains... Yes, we want your gothic-heart to beat faster.


Like a Boss... Sorry, a Queen!

Why? Because whatever Queen of Darkness does, it’s YOUR comfort, satisfaction & joy of being UNIQUE that are our priorities. We take a great deal of pride in our work - and we believe it shows in our products. So you rocking it in our clothes, giving us great reviews plus the competition (unsuccessfully) trying to copy our designs - these are the best compliments ever. Queen of Darkness is not just about the fashion, it's something more... something indescribable... a little bit of black magic maybe.

And that’s the moment when music jumps on the stage. We reach out to the bands & artists not only to cooperate with them. By the way did you know that we’ve already got such big names like for example Rammstein, Lord of the Lost, Unzucht, Persephone & Deathstars on board?. Queen of Darkness is more than fashion. Have a look! We invite YOU to visit our GOTHIC STORE in Leipzig (Germany).

After all those are the unique, precious moments that should be shared with friends. Fashion ist beautiful & brings us together. Have a good time & enjoy life!